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Code of Ethics

Tech Lingo Communications-TLC Interpreter/Translator Code of Ethics


The Interpreter/Translator shall not divulge privileged information. She/he may be released from this obligation only with the client's authorization or when so ordered by law.

Professional Integrity:

The Interpreterís/Translatorís conduct shall be characterized by objectivity, moderation and dignity. The Interpreter/Translator shall fully respect the rights and interests of her/his client or employer and the confidentiality of all information obtained.

Impartiality and Objectivity:

 The Interpreter/Translator shall remain neutral, impartial and objective. She/He shall not engage in functions that lie beyond the scope of a language professional, such as advocacy, counseling or improper disclosure of information.


The Interpreter/Translator has both a moral and legal obligation to communicate as accurately as possible the interpretation/translation message of the source language into the target language.

Skills and Qualifications:

The Interpreter/Translator shall undertake only work for which she/he is sufficiently prepared or in fields in which she/he is competent. The Interpreter/Translator shall keep up to date with new techniques, specialized Terminology in areas of her/his choice, and current usage.

Guarantee of Quality and Presentation:

The Interpreter/Translator shall accept full responsibility and guarantees for the quality of her/his work.  Where feasible and appropriate, the format of the translated (target) language document shall reflect the format of the source document.

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